The Most Interesting Names in Real Estate Right Now


The world of real estate is much more thrilling than you may think. Of course, anyone who is already invested in real estate will already know this. But even those investors may not realise all the
developments that are arising in this world.

House For Sale
House For Sale

When someone is changing the real estate game, they could be making steps towards changing the world. After all, real estate affects us all, dealing as it does with homes and living situations! So today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the most interesting people in the real estate game right now. From agents to developers to tech wizards, these are the people who will go down as real estate legends.

Eric Wu

Eric Wu is the CEO of Opendoor, a real estate service that is rapidly growing in popularity. As anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows, the entire process can be a massive headache. In October 2014, Eric Wu and friends launched Opendoor, which aims to simplify the entire process. It can see a reduction in home sale time from several months to mere weeks. Some have seen deals close in just three days.

Sky Bar at UB City, Bangalore
Sky Bar at UB City, Bangalore

Snehdeep Aggarwal

Snehdeep Aggarwal wasn’t just content to develop a house or two. Aggarwal’s Bhartiya Group purchased 125 acres in Bangalore in order to develop and maintain a city. With a background in design, the group have got global planners and architects together to build a “smart city”. The focus is on designing a new way of life. It’s an incredibly ambitious project, but the quality of the homes is already apparent.

Billy Ekofo

Billy Ekofo is a real estate agent that is gaining some Internet celebrity. He’s the Assistant Director of Lead Management at Century 21 Redwood Realty. That title may sound like a mouthful, but he’s doing a lot with it. Ekofo is making moves to put more focus on the importance of the real estate agent. He’s also exploring the possibilities for social good that a real estate agent can be capable of. He wrote an article recently outlining the importance of self-determination and hope for change.


Jamie Moyle

Jamie Moyle is the king of hyperlocal data. Hyperwhat? I hear you ask. Hyperlocal data refers to information available for a particular home or community. You may have thought of the website Home Facts when you read that. Well, Moyle founded that. He’s currently the CEO of RealtyTrac. RealtyTrac has information about over one million foreclosed properties in the United States. This is extremely helpful for real estate agents, who usually have trouble getting such information. That trouble leads to wasted real estate potential.

Blair Myers

Blair Myers is an associate broker at EXIT Success Realty. A six-foot tall fashionisto, builder and developer, Blair is taking this world by storm. You may have seen him on television, actually. He’s one of the main stars of Oxygen’s Like a Boss. His real estate chops show that he’s more than a fabulous face and TV personality, though. He currently ranks at #6 on the Real Estate Top 1,000. He’s the best in Georgia. Like Ekofo, he’s helping agents put the focus on great personality and hard work.