The Unchallenged Dominance of Television Throughout The Ages


A house becomes home when there is a family in it. The home becomes joyful when there is a television set in it. Everybody loves a television as it becomes a part of our drawing room, a part of our household. The television shows emotions which are reflected in our faces. Technologies have improved and inventions have been made. We have now computers, laptops, tablets, play stations and various other forms of entertainment. But these forms of entertainment could not slow down the ever-growing popularity of TV.

Not being stereotypical here but the TV is popular to both the male and the female members of any house hold as the men can watch sports that’s been happening way overseas and the women of the house can enjoy their favorite shows also.

Television Shows
Television Shows

Numerous millions dollars worth shows are made just for the TV audience. These targeted TV audience contribute much to the economic growth of a society. The large number TV audience encourages better the quality of the shows so it enriches the art of a nation somehow. Great TV shows like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, “Sex and the city”, “Cranford”, “Sherlock holms”,” how I met your mother” and “Glee” are all very popular and leading in their own genre.

The TV set is ever changing and improving. We remember that first TV sets used to be big and bulky with an arched small screen. But days have gone by and we get flat screen TVs, then one by one LCD, LED came and changed the TV viewing experience.

We can now see all the channels in HD, thanks to technological advances. There are number of leading television manufacturing companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Phillips, Panasonic etc. These companies are always at competition with one another and introducing various new offers to tempt the customers. People go for the latest technologies now days and enjoy the best TV viewing experience.