The Varieties of Games in Bubble Puzzle Sites


The puzzle bubble game is very popular both among the young as well as older generations. There are many types of bubble games each having its own set of rules of playing the games. The names of some of the games are puzzle bubble, bubble bobble, bubble shooter, bubble spinner, bubble trouble, bubble elements and bubble breaker. Each game has been made interesting by incorporating actions, strategies and fun. The best features of all the existing computer games have been combined into it making the games extremely attractive and addictive.

The game bubble breaker can be considered to be the best among the bubble games. This game demands some amount of preplanning and the ability to distinguish between two colors. Planning ahead what is to be done in the next move is the core of the games. You have to quickly differentiate between two or more colors.

Game of Bubble Puzzle
Game of Bubble Puzzle

In the screen more than one hundred bubbles will be there. There are different levels. The first level shall have bubbles of two types of colors. The second level shall have bubbles of three types of colors. In this way as the level increases the no of colors also increases. Your job will be to remove all the bubbles from the level. The first level is not so difficult. The theory is to go from simple to harder.

Now in order to remove the balls, you will be required to bring the balls of the same colors close to each other. Only by doing so, you can remove the balls from the screen. As the level goes up the game begins to be tougher. More number of balls of different colors comes into the play making the decisions difficult. For raising your score you will be required to burst more numbers of balls.

If you consider the bubble breaker game from its inception you will find a lot of improvements in the game. With the advancement of technology, features of the game have been developed to a great extent. Graphics and many more innovative additions have done to the games in order to make the games attractive. In almost all the sites music is also added which is quite pleasant.

This game is suitable for a single player and not comfortable for multi players. All the changes which have been incorporated are of esthetic values while the core of the game is intact. The rules of the game are still the same. There are various strategies in the game. If any player gets more number of bubbles he is entitled to score higher. The player who is able to remove all the balls of any level from the screen he gets thousand points at one go. The best strategy is not to go on thinking and deciding about the balls to be clicked rather to start eliminating the balls quickly in the puzzle bubble game.

Bubble Puzzle Game
Bubble Puzzle Game

In order to be able to move to the next level the players have to get an average score. There is a time limit also for getting the average score. If a player fails to achieve the average score within the stipulated time then the play as well as the game will end.

At the start of the game the player has to choose the level from which he wants to begin with. But for the beginners it is wise to start from the level one. Gradually when the expertise develops then the player can opt for higher levels from the start.

With the progress of your game as you start going up from one to eight different color balls are added to the screen. With more number of balls and more number of colors it becomes progressively difficult to differentiate the colors. Your ability to distinguish the colors quickly is important at such instances. After you complete the puzzle bubble game it is possible to submit your in order to know your position among the other players.