Things to Know About Tyres Maintenance, Repair and Replacement


The simple thing goes like this: if you own a car, then you must repair, take care and conduct a proper maintenance scheme for the tyres. The tyres are, in fact the most integral parts without which you cannot expect your car to move on road.

• To keep your vehicle in shape, you need to take your vehicle for regular maintenance. Regular car servicing will not only keep your overall car maintenance cost in control, but will also keep your car drive-ready always.
• After a regular interval of two months, you must take your vehicle to a proper car mechanic, who has ample knowledge of tyre servicing.
• There are so many things you need to check in a car, from the engine function to the tyres. Talking about car tyres, they are more susceptible to damage, regular wear and tear, therefore you must take good care of it.

Tyres Maintenance
Tyres Maintenance

A Brief about Tyres Maintenance and Repair

• Inspecting the four tyres of your vehicle before you take our car every morning is very essential. Keep in mind, that you should check the pressure of the tyres. Correct pressure in each of the tyre can ensure a smooth drive.
• Low tyre pressure can hamper your car’s functionality and may lead to tyre failure. The fuel consumption may also increase due to faults in tyres.
• Depending on the car type, the car tyre pressure depends. You can check the car tyre pressure in the nearby petrol station, as most of the petrol stations are well equipped with digital air dispenser.

Tyre Composition: Go For High Quality Rubber Materials

Tyres are usually made up of high quality rubbers; however there are variations among them. The variations are due to the quality of rubber used to manufacture it. It is better to stick to the kind of tyres you use for your car, in case if you need to replace it. Most of the car service centers offer car tyres repairing services. When you try to replace or repair your faulty tyres, it is better to ask the professionals to do it, as you can also get duped by cheap tyre mechanics who ensure good quality repairing but who end up in damaging your car. Moreover, the on-road performance of your car depends on the tenacity and the material of your tyre, so you must always buy branded and company tyres only.

Car Tyre Replacement
Car Tyre Replacement

Buying New Tyres for Your Vehicle

Buying car tyres can be really daunting to the individuals who hardly have knowledge about it. Almost all the tyres look quite similar, however only professionals can identify the right ones.
• Car tyres are categorized into three categories- size, load index and speed rating. Size here means the width and the diameter of a tyre and the aspect ratio.
• Load index refers to the weight of the vehicle that the tyres can take. Not all tyres are suitable for all vehicles. For large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, specialized tyres are used.
• The third category of a tyre is its speed rating, which is the measurement of the maximum speed that a tyre can maintain consequently. You vehicle can provide you with quality performance only when you use the appropriate tyre. It is wise not to opt for much experimentation with tyres.

Most car owners prefer the identical tyres, those were used on their vehicle earlier. While choosing the car tyres, ensure that you are investing in the quality ones that guarantee durability. If you stay in areas that experiences harsh winters and snowfalls almost all through the year, you must invest in specially designed winter tyres for their vehicles. If you are in doubt regarding car tyre replacement, you can ask your mechanic to suggest you the right options.