Things To Know Before Using Cable And Electrical Wire Connectors In Your Home Or Office


There are so many accidents that can be caused by loose wires and cables. So it is very important that you take all the necessary measures and keep your house safe. Arcing as well as overheating is a huge problem in most of these residences as it is caused solely by loose wires and can even cause fire hazards. There are plenty of items that can make your system safe but the most commonly used ones are the cable and electrical wire connectors.

Cable Wire Connections
Cable Wire Connections

How to Choose good quality Connectors to keep your Home safe?

For all these reasons it is best to opt for professional help instead of trying to do everything on your own. There is always a need to call in the professionals, as any electrical work can be hazardous if it is conducted by a layman. So first and foremost, you must know about the wiring and the connectivity system in your home or in your commercial place, before you start using the cable and wire connecting systems.

• The first thing that you should know is that each and every connector is designed specifically for a particular number of cables.
• There are various types of wire combinations that are needed in a house, so you need to go through the list of approved combinations that is mentioned on the package before buying it.
• Most people tend to think that the cable and electrical wire connectors are color coded, but there are numerous models available on the market that support different sizes of the wire gauge.

Electrical Work
Electrical Work

How to place the Cap of the Connector?

You will find many connectors that will easily join more than four 14 gauge cables, while some basic designs will support only three. So before using these devices, it is highly important that you check all these specifications and use only the correct size and design for your wiring system.

• Before you start working on the system, you need to turn off the power supply so that there is no flow of current in the cables.
• The problem with the wrong size of cable and electrical wire connectors is that there is always a chance that the product can break or fall off the wiring system.
• Once you turn the power off, you will have to use the wire stripper to remove at least 3/8 inches of the coating from the end of the cables.

Cable Wire
Cable Wire

Keeping Everything Organized

After the ends are bare, and all the coating has been removed, you should organize the wires properly so that they are parallel to each other and place the connector. Most people tend to twist the ends of the cables, but it is always advised by the experts not to do so as it can make the future repairs more difficult to execute.

Check and maintain the Safety Standards

If you want to be approved by the safety testing board, then you need to make sure that the connector is fitting properly even when the wires are not twisted. Sometimes a part of the conductor is exposed even after placing the cable and electrical wire connectors.

Electrical Wire Connectors
Electrical Wire Connectors

Getting The Right Size

It can cause several accidents so if you notice any exposed wires you need to clip off some part of it and try placing the cap again. After it is secured properly, you can pull the wires and check the quality as well as the strength of the cable and electrical wire connectors.

If the size is not right and the cap is larger than the required size, then it will fall off when you pull the wires. So for all these, you require a skilled professional to install and maintain the connectors.