Tips for Keeping Your Teen Out of Trouble


Deep down, you know your son is a good kid. Sure, his grades could be a little better and he occasionally lands himself in detention, but he’s never done anything that would get him into trouble with the law. However, ever since entering high school, he’s fallen in with a crowd of questionable characters. Many of the things these boys do go beyond standard teenage mischief and you don’t want your son to get mixed up in their misdeeds. You want to give your boy his space, but as a parent, you can’t help but worry about the things he gets up to when you’re not around. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to ensure that your teen spends his time productively and stays on the straight and narrow. So if you have serious misgivings about your son’s afterschool escapades, consider getting him involved in the following activities.

Teenage Mischief


Teens who have experienced considerable trouble in school or have fallen in with the wrong crowd can benefit from mentoring. The right mentor will offer your son practical advice about making positive life choices, staying out of trouble and avoiding drugs and alcohol. In addition, a skilled mentor can help your son develop a feasible plan for his post-high school life. Whether he’s interested in pursuing higher education or trade school or immediately entering the workforce, his mentor will provide him with the tools he needs to meet his goals.

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Trade School

Part-Time Job

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to teach your teen the value of hard work, a part-time job is just what the doctor ordered. In addition to providing your son with a productive way to spend his leisure time, a job will enable him to earn his own spending money. Parents who are tired of constantly being hit up for cash are sure to appreciate their children having a source of income. Additionally, now that your teen will be making his own money, he’s liable to be more selective about how he spends it. When all his money came from you, he never thought twice about blowing his allowance on any gaudy knickknack that even remotely captured his attention. However, earning his own money will teach him the importance of budgeting and ensure that he’s more careful about his purchases.

Group Learing

Study Group

If your teen’s academic performance leaves much to be desired, get him involved in a study group. Since he’s sure to be apprehensive about this, consider offering a reward to make it worth his while. For example, if there’s a certain videogame or gadget he’s dying own, agree to buy it for him if his grades undergo a noticeable improvement by the end of the term. This will encourage your son to regularly attend his study group and put extra effort into his tests and homework assignments. Furthermore, if there’s a subject your son has continually struggled with, consider sending him to a local tutoring center several times a week.

Although parenthood is far from easy, the process grows considerably more difficult when children reach their teenage years. By finding productive character-building activities for your teen, you can help keep him out of trouble, improve his grades and ultimately prepare him for adulthood.