Tips for Professional Car Service and Repair


Just like our body needs a regular visit to the doctor and check-up of the different organs, our car also needs to be taken to the service center regularly and its different parts checked up. Not many people know that car service is required to be done once a year or after it completes 10000 miles. Regular car service and repair improves its performance and ensures a smooth riding experience. Some people even don’t bother to change the oil in the car which degrades the overall performance of the car. The overall improvement in performance reduces risks of the car breaking down in the middle of the road or other road accidents. It also cuts down our expenses and contributes to a cleaner environment by the making the vehicle more fuel efficient. Regular repair can also prevent huge costs of repair otherwise necessary for the ill-maintenance of the different parts.

Car Service & Repair
Car Service & Repair

The Frequency of Car Service and Repair

Different cars need servicing with varying frequency. It depends on many factors like the distance traveled, the condition of the car, the model, etc. As a rule of thumb, each car should be taken out for servicing once in every six months or after it has completed ten thousand kilometers.

Where to Take the Car for Servicing

A legal license is issued by the government for car service and repair. Make sure to take your vehicle to a licensed dealer. However, make sure that you get a logbook servicing done. This would not affect your warranty even if you do not perform the servicing from the same dealer from whom you bought the vehicle. Make sure to hire only trained professionals who have a certain amount of experience. This would ensure a long lasting and efficient job.

Professional Car Service and Repair
Professional Car Service and Repair

What to Check for While Performing Repairs

During the car service and repair, there are plenty of items that would need proper attention. Often it becomes difficult to keep in mind the details of the minor problems in the small parts of the vehicle. Some of the important things that need to be checked are:

• Fluids: Fluids in a car are as important as blood in our body. A car has various fluids in its different parts like engine oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, clutch fluid, battery electrolyte, power steering fluid, etc. All these need to be changed in time with proper attention.

• Tires: Just like fluids are the blood of your vehicles; the tires are like its arms and legs. Tires need to be inflated to the correct pressure fuel efficiency and long life. Tire gauges should be used for this purpose. Balance and wheel alignment of the wheels also needs to be checked during the car service and repair. The tires should also be rotated regularly for them to last a lifetime and reduce uneven wear.

Car Service
Car Service

• Air Filter: Continuing our reference of human physiology, the air filter of the car can be compared to the lungs of human beings. If the air filter is allowed to clog up with dust, dirty air will be let into the engine. Hence it needs to be changed regularly. The frequency of change depends on the type of air filter and the weather conditions. If the vehicle is operated on dusty roads, the air filter will tend to clog up faster.

• Cleaning: Cleaning the car is extremely important. Different elements make the exterior of your untidy like sap from trees, animal droppings, dust, rain, and many others. If not cleaned in time, the paint job of the car will get ruined. Keeping the interiors clean is as important as the exterior.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, make sure that other minor problems are reported to the mechanic. Also, in between car service and repair, perform basic services at home to keep the vehicle in a better condition. It is of the utmost importance to be careful while driving to maintain the vehicle properly.

For more details, you can search through the online portals, to get ideas about car service and repair.