Tips on How to Choose Expert Magento Developers


The process of finding and selecting the right magento web developers can be a time-consuming and challenging process. So how do you find the potential partners? Well, the first step in this regard is accumulating the potential agencies. How do you this? Here below are the tips.

Search for magento partner

A good place of beginning your search is at the magenta commercial website. In this website you will find large database of the companies (Gold and Silver-level partners) who have access to magento forums, extensions, services, support and some other experts who can be of great help in making your project to go on smoothly. In choosing the developer you should keep in your mind your project scope. If for example yours is a small business that wants to market some product or service using the free Magento Community version a Gold-level partner may not be necessary.

Magento Developer
Magento Developer

You don’t need to use bazooka shell to kill a rabbit. If you have complex business rules, large catalog, or some of integration with the systems on your back end and you additionally plan to use the Magento Enterprise or Professional, a Gold or Silver-level Magento partner may be required to help knock out your big project with their big guns. The difference between the Gold and Silver partners basically arises from the organization size and the nature of service offering which is provided. If your budget is about 5k, probably, you don’t need to call Magento gold partner. However, there are some companies which are wiling to take on some projects but only if you show willingness of practice many hours for maintenance or development.

Tradeshows and conferences

Attending tradeshows and conferences offers an excellent way of finding expert developer. You will have the opportunity of meeting the potential agencies and evaluate them to find if they fit in to your company or project. Depending on the nature or type of your event, attending tradeshows and conferences will also provide you with peace of mind in knowing that inexperienced developers or freelancers will not make their presentations and won’t invest in booths.

Check out the portfolio of the magento developer

After finding several Magento developers that you are willing and ready to work with, you should ensure that you check out their portfolio. The ideal developers are generally proud of the work that they have done and will be ready to showcase it to their potential clients, and will show it in their portfolio. If you find some companies on Google you should go through their portfolio. Always ensure that you search for and find proof of them having worked on project similar to that of your company, which you want them to undertake.

Magento Developers Paradise
Magento Developers Paradise

Meet them face to face

Working on the internet is the convenient option for mist people. However, the internet is efficient but it’s not the best way of doing business. Try your best to ensure that you meet the developers face to face and have one on one discussion. Through the one on one discussion you will be able to get more information about their background as well as their recommendations for the project that you want to undertake.

In conclusion, whatever partner you choose, ensure that they have the relevant skills that meet your business needs.