Tips That Will Save You Saving a Bundle on Auto Repairs


Despite being nearly six years old, your car has given you very little in the way of trouble. Aside from taking it in for the occasional vehicle inspection, oil change or tire rotation, you haven’t spent very much time around auto mechanics. Unfortunately, it seems your luck has finally run out. Shortly after pulling out of the driveway this morning, your vehicle suddenly decided to quit on you. After having it towed to a nearby garage, a mechanic informed you that the car needs to have several parts replaced. Worse yet, having a look at the estimate he printed up nearly caused you to faint. However, before shelling out the cash for new parts and labor, consider the following money-saving alternatives.

Car Repair Service
Car Repair Service

Visit an Auto Salvage Yard

Unbeknownst to many vehicle owners, auto salvage yards are goldmines of discounted parts. After all, just because a car is scrapped doesn’t mean it’s devoid of perfectly useable components. With this mind, visit a nearby salvage yard, give the attendants your car’s make and model and tell them which parts you’re hoping to purchase. After scouring the grounds, the attendants will remove the parts you need from assorted vehicles and sell them to you for a heavily discounted price. Since the vast majority of salvage yard parts cost between $20 and $40, you can expect to pay considerably less than you would at an auto shop or dealership service center. For an additional fee, certain salvage yards will even carry out the installation process.

Consult a Car-Savvy Friend

If you have a friend, neighbor or family member who possesses an advanced knowledge of all things auto-related, consider enlisting his aid in repairing your vehicle. Whether you need someone to diagnose a recent issue or install replacement components, let your car-savvy friend have a look before taking the vehicle to an overpriced mechanic. Depending on how advanced an issue you’re dealing with, your pal may be able to fix the problem free of charge. To show your gratitude, be sure to make this endeavor worth his while. For example, when he arrives at your home, make sure to provide him with various snacks and a few cold ones for his trouble. Additionally, depending on your area of expertise, you may be able to assist him with certain problems in the future.

Auto Mechanics
Auto Mechanics

Visit Your Dealership’s Service Center

If your vehicle is still covered under its manufacturer’s warranty, simply take it to your dealership’s service center. Since most warranties cover vehicles for 10 years or 100,000 miles, you’re covered for a fairly large chunk of time. Under these warranties, the cost of assorted services and replacement parts is completely covered throughout the aforementioned timeframe. So before giving an outside mechanic permission to start work on repairs, confirm whether or not the vehicle is still under warranty.

Dealing with unexpected repairs is an inescapable part of vehicle ownership. However, by familiarizing yourself with an assortment of moneysaving measures, you can keep your car running like new without breaking the bank.