Tips to Maintaining the Air Conditioning Unit of Your Home


As the temperature is soaring higher and higher all across the nation, we turn on the air conditioning units to keep ourselves comfortable and stay cool. However, at times, we move to the thermostat to find that nothing is happening. We may move to the panic mode seeing it. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to avoid such situation. To avoid HVAC concern and distress, you need to follow some tips.

Air Conditioning Unit of Home
Air Conditioning Unit of Home

Well, your air conditioner unit can need repair work for various reasons. The task of an air conditioner is to regulate indoor temperature when it is hot outdoors. It may help maintain comfortable humid condition inside the home while keeping away contaminants and pollutants. Small problems in the AC can lead to major problems. If the AC is not maintained properly, there can be sudden breakdown where you are left sweating indoors. AC servicing is a must to consider. Routine tune up can keep the system in working order. If you neglect servicing, this can become a costly headache. Technicians can spot the issue in a timely manner. On the other hand, air conditioning unit can reduce moisture build up inside the system. However, if the drain line is blocked in some way, water may get pool inside and lead to mold and corrosion. Moisture build up can attract the pest to damage various parts of the home. Such repair needs experienced professionals to handle the situation.

The Need for Cleaning the Condenser Coil and Compressor

The cleaning of condenser coils and compressor form an important part of AC servicing. In fact, they are the main components of HVAC system, as they push cold air into the home. To clean the components you need to eliminate the build up by removing the fan guard. Along with this, you need to check the coil fins. The coil fins may get bent to impede smooth flow of air. You may use the fin comb in order to straighten the AC blade so that the air moves freely.

Air Conditioning Services
Air Conditioning Services

Allow an Easy Flow of Refrigerant

Make sure the outdoor unit is leveled. With the passage of time, the AC unit platform on which the AC rests will sink or shift. It is important for you to level out the ground every few years. This will allow an efficient flow of the refrigerant. If you think that the unit is not leveled, you may grab level from your toolbox while setting it on.

Keep Changing the Filter

As per the location where you are placed, it is important to change the filter from time to time. You should clean the filter every 3 months but a lot is dependent on the type of system. If the filter is not changed, the AC will have to work hard to run efficiently. Thus, dust and dander will be slipping through the breathing air.

AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance

Other Important Tips to Follow

If you are using an air conditioner, you need to follow a series of tips. You may clean AC evaporator coil with the mixture of water and bleach. Just like the filter, the evaporator coil is also susceptible to dust and dirt buildup. As the component emits cold air, the residue will tend to impede the whole thing. Apart from this, it is also important to clean the drain of the evaporator by using water and bleach mixture. This will help kill mildew and mold that gets build up.

By taking up the AC maintenance service, you will increase the life of the air conditioning unit and enjoy years of cold year. Your air conditioning unit will work perfectly in all seasons.