Top Designer Dresses to Look for Online This Season


Dresses are a popular choice of women’s clothing and thanks to the vast amount of different styles, designs and materials, it is always possible to find a suitable dress to wear, regardless of the time of year or the occasion. Whilst certain styles are here to stay, there are also dresses that come in and out fashion every few years and also completely new and innovative ones that come into play each season. The ability to buy designer dresses online, means that we now all have easy access to our favourite pieces and they can be found at great prices. For the sake of this coming summer season, here are the top choices of designer dresses to keep your eyes open for.

Colourful Stylish Dresses
Colourful Stylish Dresses

Skater dresses

Skater dresses take their names from figure skaters and are wonderful girls and flirty styles of designer dresses available online. The fitted tops make them very flattering for a slimmer figure, whilst the swirly skirt adds a wonderful feminine touch.

Tube dresses

Tube dresses are very comfortable and convenient, as they require the minimal amount of thought and planning. Simply throw it on and match with a pair of sandals of flip-flops. Colourful designs are great for during the day and time spend at the beach, whilst block colours are more appropriate for eveningwear. Dress them up with some oversized jewellery, such as a necklace and bracelet.

New Stylesh Dresses for Modern Girls
New Stylesh Dresses for Modern Girls

Collared shirt dresses

These are ideal for more formal occasions but you can also find designs that are very short and much more ideal for a fun night out. Some styles look quite indie and chic and by pairing these with a pair of heels, you are sure to look fantastic.

Floral prints

Bold floral prints are all the rage this season and you will see them made into all kinds of styles and fits of designer jeans online and in the high street. If you are feeling brave go for a large print in bold colours such as large red poppies or yellow sunflowers. If you are after something subtler, there are lots of options in pastel colours and smaller prints, which incorporate splashes of bright colours here and there.

New Georgette Designed Dresses
New Georgette Designed Dresses

Shift dresses

Shift dresses don’t have much by the way of fit and are generally very loose, falling gracefully over your body. This means any lumps and bumps are well hidden, whilst still allowing you to feel girly in a dress.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses have a very sophisticated feel about them and are therefore ideal for formal events such as work functions and even business meetings. They are best worn with a pair of heels in order to give you a feminine yet confident appearance.