Top Tips for Shredding Business Paperwork


There is a lot of paperwork that you need to keep as a business, but there are also many sheets of paper that really don’t need to be lying around in your office. In order to keep an office neat and tidy, many people shred their paperwork. However, certain documents need to be shredded securely in order to business information safe and secure. If you are a start-up business or a well-established one and you need to shred business paperwork, here are some top tips.

Secure Paper Shredding
Secure Paper Shredding

1. Stay organised

Staying organised in your office is very important for many reasons. Apart from creating more space, making your job a lot easier and making you appear more professional, it will also make it a lot less difficult when the time comes to shred business paperwork. A good way to remain organised is to make sure that you have the tools it takes in order to do so. A filing cabinet is always a good idea, since you can separate different documents into the right category. You should also work out which documents contain important information, since certain documents need to be shredded after a certain time period.

2. Use a company

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to shred paper yourself using a paper shredder, but most business people find it much easier and more professional to get a company to do it for them. Companies such as are experts in shredding, no matter how much you have. It’s also good to use a professional company if you have lots of paper to shred, since it just takes up too much time to do it yourself. Imagine having thousands of sheets of paper which all need to be shredded individually using your office shredder. The time it would take to do that is much better spent on something else. Even though you’ll have to pay the company to shred the paper for you, it will probably work out more cost-effective in the end because of the time that you’ve saved.

Closeup of female hands with shredded papers
Closeup of female hands with shredded papers

3. Get a certificate of destruction

This can be more important depending on the type of business you have, but it’s very important to get a certificate of destruction if you use a company to shred your documents for you. A lot of professional companies will provide this for you anyway, but if they don’t mention it on their website or list of services which they provide, be sure to mention it and ask a member of staff if this is included. Using a company which isn’t properly licensed to shred important documents could land you in trouble and cause all kinds of problems for your business.