Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is actually a small island located to the North of the Indian Ocean off the south east coast of the Indian subcontinent poised just above the equator and of course amid the balmy waters of the Indian ocean with a geographical pearl shaped outline that compares to a teardrop which seems like it is falling from the tip of India. Once described by the famous explorer Marco polo as the finest island in the whole world, Sri Lanka has a legendary reputation not just for its natural beauty which is characterized with numerous and enchanting ancient ruins, tempting water spots, imposing mountains, endless soft sand beaches and dense wildlife with a very diverse cultural formation and colourful festivals from various ethnic groups, but this land of serendipity that presents spiritual tranquillity and a chance to rediscover oneself also has a very hospitable and friendly residents that would tempt every visitor to always want to renew their Sri Lankan Visa in the bid to always come back for more adventure and gate away. Therefore, even as Marco polo’s bold claim still holding, some of the most pronounced and the best tourist attraction in Sri Lanka that would make you always want to come back include;

• The Anuradhapura city:

Anuradhapura Ancient City - Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Ancient City – Sri Lanka

This is one of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka that is well known for a number of ancient ruins such as the Dagobah, Monastic buildings and Pokunas that depicts early Srilankan civilization. This place is also very famous among the Buddhists pilgrims. Once the capital city of Sri Lanka, during the ancient times and where most of the kings that ruled the Island resided, Anuradhapura therefore is characterized with so much rich cultural heritage and historical features Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanwelisaya, Lovamahapaya to mention just but a few.

• Bundala National Park:

Bundala National Park - Sri Lanka
Bundala National Park – Sri Lanka

Situated about 15 km east of Hambantota, this park is one of Sri Lanka’s best destinations for passionate birdwatchers. It is also home to abundant aquatic life and to a significant population of Marsh and estuarine crocodile, Elephants, estuarine crocodiles as well as leopards, turtles and other fauna Basically this park offers visitors with the ideal chance for seeing some great and beautiful wild life like giant squirrels and flamingos to mention just but a few.

• Adam’s peak:

Adam's Peak - Sri Lanka
Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka

This is 7,359 ft. tall and conical mountain that is situated in central Srilanka. This peak is renowned for SriPada sacred foot print, a 1.8 m rock foot print like formation near the mountain summit that is held to be the foot print of Buddha. In Hindu it is regarded to be that of Shiva while in Islam it is regarded to be that of Adam. This are is therefore a spectacular attraction to a number of tourist for a number of reasons as well.

• Bamarakanda fall:

Bamarakanda Fall - Sri Lanka
Bamarakanda Fall – Sri Lanka

This is actually the tallest Srilankan waterfall that is suited in kalupahana. This waterfall which was formed from the Kuda Oya tributary of the Walawe River is dotted with a beautiful serenity of pine trees and natural formations that will leave anyone that is interested in nature quite amazed and gratified.

• Nilaveli beach:

Nilaveli beach - Sri Lanka
Nilaveli beach – Sri Lanka

Considered as one of the finest beach in Sri Lanka, Nilaveli which is characterized with pearly sands beach front together with a spectacular and a breath-taking coastline offers not only a unique experience to every visitor as they come to connect with nature and to take a break from their regular and hectic lives while sunbathing to tan their bodies and as well as they rejuvenate, this beach is also offers a lot of sports such as diving, snorkelling, surfing and wind surfing as some of the major excursions in this beach.

Therefore, the next time you secure the Srilankan visa, you will no doubt be bound to have a memorable and an awesome experience from a great number of interesting spots across this island that ranges from nature to historical sites as well as manmade marvels and to a number of cultural activities from a very welcoming population.