Types of Legale Drogen


The progress of humans is a story of struggle right from the moment of conception in the mother’s womb or to be more precise even before that. In this struggle each human has to fight innumerable number of hurdles which include his fight against bacteria, fungi, viruses, genetic abnormalities, the effect of environment and many other conditions caused by exigencies.

legale drogenIn order to help them to fight with these invisible enemies, the medical science has been evolved which came out with medicinal drugs that fight with these diseases. Not all these drugs are of simple features, some drugs do have many addictive influences which are meant for treating specific diseases with restricted dosages.

Certain forms of drugs invented by innovative people have wide ranging effects in the lives of many people Some form of drugs like tobacco and alcohol is already very popular and the pleasure that people draws from such ecstatic drugs are reflected in the poems and songs of different languages of various countries. These drugs have stimulating effects which increases the stamina and enables you to stay away from sleeping in times of necessities.

There are many other drugs that are legale drogen, but are not widely used. These drugs do have magical effects which if known to people will make them popular. Nutmeg is one such legale drogen which can pull you to high. The feedback from the persons who have used such drugs is fantastic. They have experienced buzz and all-pervading hallucinations after consuming the drug.

In spite of such mind blowing effect the drug is not much popular because of its taste which is far from pleasant and some side effects. But it is not at all advisable to take it in high doses especially if you are susceptible to allergies.

DIPT or diisopropyl tryptamine is a psychedelic drug which belongs to tryptamine family. This legale drogen drug has unique effects. Those people who want to stay in a hallucination phase try this drug. The drug causes its effect in hearing such as you will hear radio voice but that will be in lower pitch than usual, you may hear distorted sounds of music. Some people may experience light hallucination too. The drug may bring you a sensation of bloating which is not very serious and can be got rid of simply by taking an antacid. For some the experience can be a sort of constant ringing in the ear which may last long.

Xenical which is known as Alli is a legale drogen drug which is used for weight loss. This drug should accompany a well-balanced dietary regime to avoid its weird side effects. The main side effect is frequent bowel movement in some.

Salvia Divinorum is a drug having psychoactive effect and is a legale drogen. Its effects include uncontrollable laughter.

Anafrenil is another legale drogen which has antidepressant qualities, but people have reported to get sexual orgasms frequently by consuming this drug. This drug may be useful in treating sexual mal functioning.