Use Cardboard Boxes for Packaging to Keep your Things Safe


Cardboard boxes are boxes made with thick paper which could be a single sheet or multiple sheets of thick paper which are made in industries specializing in packing material.

• Cardboard is not a specific material but comes in various types like corrugated boards, thick paper boards, or multi ply boards.

• Corrugated cardboard contains three layers with the center board of craft or similar paper having a corrugated shape which is bound on both sides with single sheets of craft paper.

• The central sheet which has a wavy form called corrugation gives strength to the board. Other kinds of cardboard boxes are the ones that are used for packing food or confectionary items, cigarette boxes and a variety of other items.

• Due to a gradual rise in the rate of global warming and environmental hazards, plastic boxes are getting replaced fast by cardboard boxes as they are affordable, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Cardboard Boxes for Moving Safely
Cardboard Boxes for Moving Safely

Two types of cardboard boxes

a) Paperboard boxes

• Boxes made of thick paper, known as paperboard boxes come under the same category of cardboard boxes. These are used for retail packing like confectionery and food items.
• These boxes are made of flexible sheets of paper, like a normal thin sheet or multiple thick sheets of paper.
• However, all these come under the category of cardboard boxes. Boxes of this type are normally kept in bigger wholesale boxes which are stronger in order to withstand pressure during transportation and storing.
• Boxes used for soft drinks are normally made of paperboard which is laminated on the outside with colored paper bearing the name and logo of the product while the insides are coated with food grade, water proof coating.

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Boxes

b) Corrugated boxes

• Corrugated boxes are boxes made with three or more layers of thick kraft paper, the central section is made of corrugated paper, i.e. the sheet is formed in a wavy pattern called corrugation which is covered on both sides with plain paper.
• There are corrugation machines which give the paper its wavy shape which is known as corrugation. While passing through the machine the paper is made damp and then pressed between dies which have a reverse pattern of the corrugation.
• Once the finished sheet dries up it is shaped into boxes of the required size. Corrugated boxes come in various ply’s i.e. there are single ply boxes where the board is made of a single corrugated board, or double ply where the box is made of two such boards glued together, similarly there are three and four ply boxes too depending upon the required strength of the boxes.
• Corrugated boxes are normally used for wholesale packing since they are strong enough to withstand heavy weights, transportation and handling. Corrugated boxes are not used for bulk packing alone many items like spare parts, electrical and electronic items which are much smaller in size are also packed in corrugated boxes which, due to their strength are to some extent non crushable.
• Bigger items like washing machines, television sets, refrigerators are also packed in corrugated boxes as they prevent the products packed inside from scratches and small dents, these products are much easier to handle and store when packed in corrugated boxes.

Hard Cardboard Boxes
Hard Cardboard Boxes

How can you avail cheap cardboard boxes?

Since cardboard is made of durable fibers, it is eco-friendly and it can easily be found in a large number of places. You can get disposable cardboard boxes from shops, godowns and also from paper recycling plants.

Moreover, you can go through this link to get a handful of hard cardboard boxes that can be used to store heavy items. Online retail stores like Flipkart and Amazon also take single and bulk orders on cheap cardboard boxes.