Use Purse Hangers To Prevent Purses From Bacteria Attack And Dirt


One of the most important causes of certain illness and health problems in women is due to the contamination that their purses can pick up. The purse is one of the most important fashion accessory of a woman and it is hard to imagine a woman moving out of her house without her purse. It is one thing that adds to her fashion and style statement and it is also an accessory that helps her to carry a lot of things in it like her make up kit, mobile phone, earrings, money, credit cards and so on.

Purse Hangers
Purse Hangers

Need For Hangers

If you know the amount of contamination that your purses could be carrying, then you would have known by now the importance of DIY purse hanger and in fact you would also be possessing one right now. If you have not yet known the importance of a hanger, then you need to read on. There have been tests conducted randomly on women’s purses and there have been staggering results that have come out that shows that thousands of bacteria are present in women’s purses and handbags. These bacteria can cause serious health problems and can make the carrier of the purse sick and sometimes very sick.

Hangers for Purse
Hangers for Purse

How Handbags Get Bacteria?

A purse is carried by women as it is an important part and parcel of her accessory. But, it is also one that would be an easy attack object of attack for microorganisms like bacteria and the women will never know about this at all. Women have the tendency to place their purses in all sorts of places like restaurant floors, public bathrooms, floor of a doctor’s office or cabin, in their office floor and on countertops and in many other places. Keeping the purses on the floors will be an easy access for the bacteria and they can easily transfer to the women’s clothes when the women carry their purses in their hands or shoulders.

Keep Purse in Hangers
Keep Purse in Hangers

Buying Hangers For Your Purse

The hangers are not just an additional accessory for your purse, but it also serves the purpose of safe keeping of your purse in places that is far from the reach of bacteria.

It will help women to keep their purses in a hanging position at all times and they will never need to keep it on the floor anymore.

Your bag or purse will be free of bacteria and hence you will be able to carry them without any doubts or worries.

It comes in various styles, shapes and designs and is very handy and convenient to carry around and store in your purse.

You can take care of your health as well as make a fashion and style statement with the best looking hangers for your purse.

These hangers are also an excellent choice as gifts for someone who loves to carry their purses at all times.