Using 0208 Numbers: Maximising the Benefits for Your Business


In today’s world of smartphones and evolved communications, a landline number can often seem unnecessary, especially in London.

There are many other options. A mobile phone is available at all times and on the move. Then there are numerous web-based options, such as those available from Smart Numbers.

However, sometimes choosing a 0208 number can have multiple benefits for your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why a 0208 number could be a smart move for your business.

Business Landline Phone
Business Landline Phone


Whilst technology has progressed rapidly, attitudes haven’t always caught up. There are many people who still look at a mobile phone number with a degree of suspicion. For some, an ‘07’ prefix shouts ‘fly-by-night cowboy’ or ‘impoverished wannabe’. Whether we like it or not, a landline number is a bit more professional. And these days, it’s perfectly possible to access a landline number via your convenient smartphone handset.

But why not go one step further? If you can use a landline number from your mobile phone, don’t settle for any old landline number, let alone your one-horse town telephone code. Instead create an authentic London presence for yourself with a 0208 number.

An outer-London number will confer additional status on your business, wherever it’s located. This is especially important if you’re working in certain fields such as financial services, publishing, or internationally. Nothing screams success like a London office, so let everyone think that’s where you are. Even if you’re in a barn-conversion in Shropshire!

Create a Presence

Luckily it’s not difficult to get a London number. Here at Smart Numbers we have all the technology you need to route your calls in real-time via the web. So whether you want a 0208 number to give yourself London credentials or you have a desire to work from home and save yourself the commute to work in the smoke each day, we’ll help enhance your reputation.

Business Landline
Business Landline

Quick to Set Up

Having a 0208 number is great for your business, and easy to set up too. All you need to do is obtain your number and we’ll set it up in between one and three hours. Then you’ll be able to use it as a mobile landline number by programming it to appear as the caller ID from your mobile line.

If required, you can get a 0208 smart number with inclusive minutes and call management features too.

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you’re a busy individual sole-trader rushing around the country, or just fed up of the hellish daily commute from the South Downs on strike days, you can improve your business potential with a smart number.

Get in touch with us today at Smart Numbers and we’ll explain the process. Then you can print a London landline phone number on your business cards, and be reachable by your customers wherever you are. What could be more professional than that?

To find out more about using a 0208 number for your business or to order your London number today, contact Smart Numbers.