What Are The Benefits of MicroLiter?


Every equipment decision you make in your laboratory should go through serious scrutinizing to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. As easy as it might be to focus on the research aspect of a laboratory, the reality is that everything in this world is limited in scope by the money that is available. Rather than complain about the budget limitations that your laboratory might have, the key is to find ways to wisely spend that money on equipment that will last. When you get the best equipment, you can make quicker discoveries and use that to work on getting more future funding.

Among lab equipment, one of the most commonly used research machines is an autosampler. Many times, the samples you are introducing to your autosampler can be extremely volatile, so it is important that you exercise extreme caution in your handling and transfer of these samples. This means getting autosampler vials that are not only reusable, but also will help to secure and ensure the integrity of your samples. When it comes to this, there are few products out there today that compare to the quality found in MicroLiter MPSS.

MicroLiter Products
MicroLiter Products

What is MPSS?

Standing for MicroLiter Plate Sampling System, MPSS offers your laboratory the latest and greatest in autosampler technology to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Made from polypropylene, this patented system of microplates, glass inserts, and/or caps offer chromatography-based septa to give you the most secure sample containers available. For when you need it, they also offer the option to reseal upon transfer of the sample, ensuring that the environment remains free from potential contamination.

The Best for Your Autosampler

The entire selection of MicroLiter products from vials to caps is built with quality and consistency in mind. They help ensure that every transfer goes smoothly and that samples are left undamaged throughout the process. Just as you do not want to spend less on an inferior autosampler, you also do not want to use vials that are going to lead to failure during your testing. With MicroLiter vials, you can be assured that every test will run just as smoothly as the last.

Laboratory Research Equipment
Laboratory Research Equipment

Made by Wheaton

Of course, the experienced researcher will realize why MicroLiter products maintain such consistent quality when they hear that these products are manufactured by Wheaton. Originally an independent company in 1996, MicroLiter joined the Wheaton product line in 2012 and since then has continued to adapt to meet or exceed all industry standards.

In its 125 years of service, Wheaton has made a name for itself as a prime producer of the highest quality laboratory research equipment. This is all backed by a continued commitment to growth and advancement of research science to ensure that all labs have the latest and best equipment. Once you have tried its MicroLiter product line, it will be no surprise if you want to start ordering more and more of your products from Wheaton. After all, getting top-quality equipment at competitive pricing is extremely enticing.