What are the Regular Procedures for Electrical Test and Tag?


Homes, offices and other work places are now depending more and more on electrical power and devices. This also means that the risk of injuries caused by such devices is present, if certain regulations are not followed. While all equipment and electrical devices are designed to be safe for use, certain events and accidents can damage their physical integrity and this is when injuries can happen.

Shutterstock - Electrical test
Shutterstock – Electrical test

Electrical test and tag companies are now taking care of regular testing for all electrical devices that can be found in homes, offices, factories and so on. Here are some of the regular procedures that are often employed to ensure the safety and health of those who work or live in these environments.

For instance, batteries must always be checked for signs of electrical power loss. In case there are electrical devices working on batteries, these will be checked first. Electrical cables are next on the list, because, when they break, they can cause serious accidents, because the electrical wires inside are no longer isolated. In case someone happens to get in contact with a loose wire, an accident followed by injuries can occur.

Electrical Earthing
Electrical Earthing

Power is supplied in any building via specialised sockets. RCD testing, which is also a regular procedure, is in charge of detecting if all the sockets have proper electrical earthing. This type of testing can also establish if there is an imbalance between an active conductor and a neutral conductor, like in the case of leakage through earth.

An electrical test and tag company also supplies clients with isolation materials, needed for covering the base of all electrical devices, in order to minimise the risk of an electric shock.

Electrical devices have to be checked regularly, because only authorised personnel can detect faulty equipment when the visual signs are not there. Proper testing and tagging helps maintain the safety and health of workers and home owners.

Electrical test and tag
Electrical test and tag

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