What Cricket Equipment London Do You Need To Purchase To Start Playing?


Cricket is a sport that has gained more and more popularity over the past few years. If this is something that appeals to you, you will need to ensure that you purchase all of the correct cricket equipment London. After all, how do you expect to play the game if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal in order to do so? The equipment you buy is not only essential for playing properly, but it impacts performance and ensures that you are protected as well. Thus, let’s jump right in and see what sort of equipment you are going to need to purchase…

Cricket Ball

What would a game of cricket be without a ball? Cricket balls are constructed via the use of a cork base. This will then be wrapped in twine. The process is complete with the thick leather covering that surrounds this. Most cricket balls are either red or white in colour. You shouldn’t find it too difficult to find a cricket ball online today.

Cricket Equipment
Cricket Equipment


If you want to play cricket professionally you will need to have the correct clothing. Most individuals tend to wear a white polo shirt and a pair of white trousers. To ensure you get the proper attire purchase from a cricket store. In addition to this, don’t forget about the shoes. These will be spiked on the soles in order to enhance your traction whilst on the grass.

Cricket Bat

Purchasing a cricket bat is a little bit trickier because you need to ensure you buy the right one for you specifically. You have choices to make when it comes to brand, size, design and material. In relation to material, you generally have the choice between Kashmir willow and English willow. The latter is definitely the recommended route to go down. English willow is of a much higher quality and therefore your performance will be enhanced. When it comes to selecting the right sized bat it all depends on how tall you are. There is an official table easily available online for you to coincide your height with the length of bat you will need as a result. It’s recommended that you use this rather than embark on some guesswork.


The importance of proper padding is something that cannot be underestimated. Just imagine how much it would hurt if you were hit with a cricket ball at full speed and were not wearing any protection. Ouch! Thus, make sure you buy all of the following; arm guards, chest guards, elbow guards and thigh guards. It is also imperative to buy into quality. The padding needs to be lightweight so that it is not detrimental to your performance yet you still need to have ultimate protection at the same time.

Cricket Gloves

Another imperative piece of cricket protection gear is the gloves. These are simply a must-have. Many people do not realise it but the most common injury in the world of cricket is broken fingers. If you don’t purchase professional cricket gloves you are asking for trouble.

Cricket Helmet

Last but not least, you will require a cricket helmet if you are a close fielder or batsman. This is to protect your face and head from injuries. The damage that can be done by a cricket ball hitting the face can be fatal.

You can’t begin to enjoy the sport of cricket without the proper equipment. This article reveals all of the different cricket equipment London based that is required so that you can play the game.