What Do Your Employees Need From You?


One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is that they are constantly selfish; particularly when it comes to their employees. Their mind is filled with what they need from their employees. They need them to look presentable to attract and impress new clients. They need them to be hardworking to ensure their company achieves a high level of efficiency. They need them to be resourceful and work to their own initiative, improving the company. But, what do they need back from you as a business owner. That’s the question we want to answer for you today.


They Need Support

In a business, there should be a structure of command. Your employees should know who to go to when they need support. Obviously, this is not going to be you. Typically, it’s going to be a member of your human resources team. It’s important that you have HR services in place so that you can ensure employee well being. The best human resource teams will monitor your employees through regular health and stress tests. Remember, that it’s not just about the moral responsibility of looking after your employees. If they are unfit to work, they’ll be completing their job less effectively, and this will damage your business.

They Need Protection

However, you should never forget that you have a legal obligation to protect your employees while they are in your office or on your premise. That means you should think about what can go wrong and how to fix it. Obviously a big issue is health and safety. You need to make sure that health and safety standards are kept at a constant high. If they are not, and your employees get injured, you will be held legally responsible. It will be you and your business that has to deal with the legal costs. However, it’s not just an employee’s physical health that you need to protect. You also need to protect them from emotional dangers. That means that you should be constantly aware of the threat of bullying in the office and know how to deal with it. We recommend that you adopt a no tolerance policy.

Loyal Employees
Loyal Employees

They Need Incentives

You should be aiming to keep your employees loyal. If you have a group of loyal employees, you can guarantee they will be working at a high level for your business. That means that your business should be working more efficiently. If it is, you can be guaranteed that you will be making higher levels of profit. But employees will only do this if you offer them incentives. This could be benefits of working for your company, like a company car. Or it might be flexible working hours. But you should be thinking about how you can improve the experience an employee receives.

They Need To Be Acknowledged

Lastly, employees need to be acknowledged. You need to make sure that they feel valued and appreciated. One part of this is to ensure that you are paying them the right amount. But it can also be more personal. Something as simple as sending out Christmas cards will go a long way to keeping your employees feeling appreciated.