What is Green Pest Control? Why you should Hire one with UrbanClap


Today, our society is steering towards the use of natural, organic, non-toxic, and green products in all walks of life and pest control is no different. The emphasis on saving the environment is greater than what we have seen in the past, and it is currently driving several industries to manufacture products that are friendly to the environment. Most people prefer to use non-toxic products in their homes for safety and health reasons. When it comes to controlling the pest infestations the use of green products which are organic and non-toxic for human health is preferred.

Pest control refers to the regulation of particular species which are perceived as detrimental to a person’s health, economy, or ecology. Green Pest Control is a method of pest control where an exterminator uses environmentally friendly methods to manage pests.

Pest Control
Pest Control

We all aware of that feeling when spotting a single cockroach, mouse or spider ruins our morning. Keeping pests away is essential for our health and ecology. If you are looking for a viable Pest Control in Kolkata, then check out pest control services on UrbanClap.

Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control is least damaging to the environment and other life around the pest infestation. It is not limited to use of natural or organic products but a more integrated approach to pest control which is environmentally friendly.

Natural Insecticides and Pesticides

Natural is anything that occurs in nature and is left unchanged for our use. A natural pesticide and insecticide are made up of such materials that occur is our ecosystem and are used as is for our use. Most of the natural pesticides are made from plants and certain minerals. However, natural is not always safe since natural insecticides might contain arsenic which occurs naturally yet it is not environmental friendly. Natural is also not organic since it depends on how the product was made. If any product be it natural or organic can kill an insect then it is toxic by nature. However, the toxicity of a product might depend on its chemical constituents. Some products are less toxic towarm-blooded animals which make them an ideal option to use in the home and where pets are involved.

Green Pest Control
Green Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management

IPM or the Integrated Pest Management is a comprehensive approach to pest control that yields multiple benefits to the environment because of the limited use of chemicals. IPM is a technique where actions are taken for pest management before the actual infestation. The aim of this approach is to have an economic control of pests and to suppress pest population below the economic injury level (EIL). By following the mantra of ‘prevention is better than cure,’ IPM make up for the effective yet efficient control of pests.

Hiring a Pest Control Professional from UrbanClap

UrbanClap is a local service marketplace where you can find best professionals for all your projects. The process to hire a Pest Control service is straightforward and is illustrated in the steps below:

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• Chat and Hire the service professional after finalizing details.
• Sit back and relax, the professional will reach you shortly!

Pest Control Professional
Pest Control Professional

Benefits of hiring a professional from UrbanClap

• Pay online after your service
• Professional Certification and Government Licensed
• Insurance against damages
• Fast service
• Pricing is based on house area

Pest infestation is a serious health concern and must be tackled effectively. It makes more sense to get approach pests with a prevention angle than to cure the infestation after it has happened. Local service marketplaces like UrbanClap are the best way to find service professionals like pest control right from the comfort of your home.