What Makes Happy Wheels Such Popular and Demanding Amongst Other Racing Games?


With time there are so many popular video games available in the market that if you are an online gaming enthusiast, you can find enough concept and gaming options to have fun and enjoyment. With so many platforms available the games are also becoming accessed in all such respective platforms such as windows, IOS or even android. Total jerkface is one such online gaming that comes with a lot of physics and new entertainment aspect to enthrall the viewers or gaming enthusiasts. This is basically a racing game with a new dimension and added features to it. There are many unpredictable gory twists that come along with the game and this makes the game much more interesting and fun. Each and every course in the game is tricky and you need to follow certain strategy to pass on to the next level.

Happy Wheels - Total Jerkface
Happy Wheels – Total Jerkface

Completely realistic

With the gaming industry reached all new levels, there are so many games that are developed which gives you a realistic feeling. With realistic feeling and experience you can get that amazing experience and this makes gaming much more interesting and fun. Total jerkface is completely filled with realistic movements and the racers move just like any other actual body. There are twists and turns in every move and as a player you need to keep your eyes and ears open to pass through successfully. Just like any other normal and realistic racing if you fall into any of the turns, blood starts coming out from that point of contact and in the worst cases you can see body parts flying. This is completely a new aspect and gives you a realistic feeling.

Play Happy Wheels
Play Happy Wheels

The demos of this particular game can be tried initially and you can find it really interesting. Unlike other demos this particular one gives you a complete taste of the overall game and makes you feel really interested. It’s not just a teaser of the game, but you can play a complete mission and get to see how the game goes and the twist and turns that come along with it in every movement. Initially you need to follow the course and there are various other options to choose from. Based on that you can select and start playing the game.

Happy Wheels

Play it online

The Total jerkface comes with various options and you can just select it at the start. There is an option for obstacle course which is followed by BMX_Park II, Gut Bus extreme, Snowy Mountain, Trap Trac, Large Satan eats, It Keeps Happening and lastly the Rope Swings. Each and every level is designed creatively and named accordingly. This particular game is for everyone and mostly for the one who loves playing racing games with a new dimension to it. Also, there are separate characters to choose from and each character has its own specialty and benefits in the race.

Total Jerkface - Play Online
Total Jerkface – Play Online

The best part that comes with this game is that you can play the game online and this makes it easy for many game enthusiasts. You don’t have to download the game and you can play it quite easily just make sure you that internet connection. The game is also coming out in different platforms and soon can be accessed using various other platforms like android or IOS. The gaming site also provides various other popular games and all such can be played online and quite compatible for desktop a well as laptops. Each game comes with demo which makes it easy for the game to learn and try out before downloading any particular game. The demo gives you a real taste and it’s not like the other demos where you find just the teaser, so happy gaming.