What To Do If You Are Arrested For Possession Of Drugs


Lots of people use illegal drugs recreationally these days. That is just a fact of life. Some readers might think the laws are wrong, and hopefully they will change in the future. However, you can’t ignore the fact that using illegal substances carries a certain level of risk. That is especially the case if Police officers discover your activities. People who Police charge with drugs offences rarely get a fair trial. That is because the evidence is often dodgy at best. With that in mind, this guide will show you the best process to follow.

Arrested for Drug Possession
Arrested for Drug Possession

• Ask to be present when the drugs are weighed

We’ve seen thousands of cases in which people are charged with more drugs than they possessed. That is because most Police officers don’t know how to weigh the evidence properly. Also, the penalty will depend upon the street value of the drugs. That means you might get charged with possession of $10,000 worth of cocaine when you only spent $100. Thankfully, there is a solution for that problem. Just take a look at the next step.

• Contact impartial drugs specialists

If the authorities say the drugs in your possession were worth more than you paid, contacting impartial experts is a wise move. There are lots of organisations designed to provide accurate information to the court system. They can gain access to your files and advise judges on the real street value. Overpricing drugs during possession convictions is commonplace around the world. So, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find an organisation that can set the record straight.

Possession of Drugs
Possession of Drugs

• Appoint a legal representative

Representing yourself in a drugs case is a bad move. The judge already thinks you’re a loser, and so you won’t redeem yourself. Drug charges could send you to prison for a long time. That is the case, even if you aren’t suspected of supplying the chemical. Search online to find local specialists who concentrate on that area of the law. Always ask about their previous cases, and make sure you get someone with lots of experience. Your freedom hangs in the balance, and so you need the best people fighting your corner.

• Consider medical use

One of the best ways to get a more lenient sentence is to claim you use drugs for medical purposes. There are plenty of ill people out there who say they benefit from smoking a cannabis joint. Likewise, those who suffer cluster headaches find that LSD provides a source of relief. If you can relate your possession of the drug to medical use, you might get more sympathy. Of course, that depends on the presiding judge and their personal opinions.

As you can see, an arrest for drug possession is very serious. However, there are ways in which you can avoid prison. Your chosen legal representative will offer the best advice, and so you need to speak with them at length. They are the ones best placed to form your defense. At the end of the day, avoiding drugs altogether is the better option. Still, at least you now know the process you need to follow if you get caught.