What to Know about Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is the new form of bullying amongst kids these days. Teenagers and kids especially have actively taken part in this new form of menace to disrupt society by harassing, threatening, tormenting, humiliating and targeting other children, through the internet and mobile phones. There is a difference between cyber bullying, cyber stalking and cyber harassment. Cyber bullying involves kids or teenagers bullying each other, while the other two forms involve adults doing the same things.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber Bullying

There have been many cases in which children have committed suicide as a result of prolonged psychological torture by cyber bullies. This has brought to light the severity of cyber bullying and how it must be stopped. Anyone with an internet connection or access to a cell phone may become a cyber bully at any stage.

The thing which attracts people into this kind of bullying may be the fact that their identity is not revealed, until they are caught that is, as opposed to the more traditional form of bullying in which most victims are confronted and then tortured by bullies. This is a more sadistic form of bullying, since it transgresses the boundaries of one’s home and may involve posting embarrassing pictures on the internet as well.

Cyber bullying is not a one-time thing. The bully normally knows the victim very well and may want to play a prank on them. Overtime, they may want to have more fun with their friend and end up bullying them until they break them completely. People have been trying to figure out the reasons for cyber bullying but the results are still very unclear since it involves children who are emotionally unstable or maybe living under difficult circumstances at home.

Cyber Bulliying Teenage
Cyber Bulliying Teenage

The offense of bullying via internet may result in jail for the bully if it involves making death threats to the victim, which may result in the child committing suicide or there is some other foul play. Most times, many cyber bullies only want to make an example out of their victims and want to humiliate them, but it has grown to be a serious problem over the years.

Numerous schools have launched campaigns and taught children about the bad effects of bullying with some success. Many organizations have sprung up with support for children who have witnessed cyber bullying and it involves making inspirational and motivating speeches to students to inspire them.

Properly educating children about the ill effects of cyber bullying and how hurting one poor child will not necessarily make their life any better is a good start to making children take a stand against bullying via internet. The motives for most cyber bullies differ. It can be anything from depression to revenge and from jealousy to just having fun with the kid. Nobody has a definite answer as to why kids get into cyber bullying and what they get from it, but the fact remains that kids today will be the ones running the country or teaching other children in school tomorrow, and it is up to you as a person to ensure that these kids stay away from internet bullying.

Cyber Bullying - Psychological Torture
Cyber Bullying – Psychological Torture

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