What You Need To Know When Buying 4WD Tyres


Before buying a set of 4WD tyres it is essential to understand some of the basics about these wheels. The tyres themselves need to be a specific weight with a specific type of tread else they will not have the traction necessary for adequate grip on non-pavement surfaces. Additionally, since off road tyres are poor on road and vice versa, you need to understand that you will not get the “perfect” all around tyres and that even if you shop all around for the best Tempe tyres, you ultimately need to decide which is best for the main type of driving you plan on doing with your vehicle.

Replica Wheels
Replica Wheels

Below we describe a few of the basics for 4WD tyres. Understanding the best metal, the number of wheels you should replace at a time and choosing between on and off road tyres is essential. Additionally you can learn a bit about how replica wheels versus OEM wheels are going a fantastic option for some!

Best Material

When it comes to off road tyres, or 4WD wheels, getting a heavier set that is built for ruggedness is essential. Steel rims are essential because they provide the strength necessary to deal with consistent impacts are a lot cheaper than their alloy counterparts. Additionally steel wheels are quite heavy which gives the wheels a better chance of gripping onto the terrain below without slipping.

Alloy wheels, on the other hand, are very light and bend rather easily when compared to steel wheels. They are more expensive and are not quite as capable of handling the impacts that steel wheels are. Whenever you are looking for a true set of 4WD wheels, buy the steel ones!

4WD wheels
4WD wheels

Replacing One or All

Having the same general tread wear on all the wheels is essential for your 4WD tyres. While replacing just one on a normal car that drives on tarmac all of the time may not be an issue, the grip and traction on a 4WD car needs to be similar on all wheels. This makes it incredibly disheartening when a single tyre blows because people generally have to replace all four of them, especially if the others have a significantly reduced tread.

On Road Vs Off Road

Those new to off road vehicles and 4WD vehicles may not be aware of the crucial differences between on road and off road tyres. To begin with, off road tyres are significantly more expensive and have a much steeper tread to allow for better traction. Unfortunately off road tyres are terrible on road and they wear out fast, meaning it is quite expensive to continue replacing them.

People think that they may be able to find the perfect solution between on road and off road tyres, but this is not true. They are completely different types of tyres and someone who is going to be driving off road often will likely have to stick with off road tyres all of the time unless they plan on switching the tyre sets out every off road trip!