Why Choosing Fido Is the Smarter Way to Buy


A large number of us have a cringe-worthy balance on our credit cards and would prefer to not add another cent to our debts. But in that same thought we don’t want to dip into our precious savings or emergency funds, and no one wants to pay on lay-by or lay-way – you want that new item now! A lesser known method of financing purchase, known as “interest free” payments, are beginning to grow in popularity, and one of the leading companies offering such a service in Australia is Fido.

Christmas in New York
Christmas in New York

What Is Fido?

This form of payment is one of the simplest and least complicated ways to pay for items you need today without breaking the bank or paying tons in interest to credit card companies and finance companies. With Fido, consumers can easily pay off their purchases in easy to manage digestible chunks on a regular basis rather than forcing consumers to pay the entire balance up front. Best of all, these sizable payments are 100% interest-free.

The Benefits of Choosing This Method of Payment

The first benefit that we touched on is:

• Never Pay Interest: While some companies similar to Fido may offer interest-free payments for a limited time (i.e. for 6 months, 12 months, etc.), they promise to never charge you any interest

• Take Home Your Purchase Today: Unlike lay-by or lay-away, this form of payment allows you to take home that item you want and need today. You can enjoy your purchase right away without delay

• Flexible Payment Plans: Consumers can tailor their payment plan to that of their needs and budget. You can choose a payment plan of 6 to 24 months, and if you want to pay off your balance owing before the end of your term, there are no additional fees or penalties.

What’s The Catch?

As with any fantastic deal, consumers are always wary about what the catch is, and here’s Fido’s: you pay a 10% of the purchase price to the company. That small payment guarantees you the right of never having to pay interest – ever.

Clothing Department Store
Clothing Department Store

The Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately not just anyone can sign up for an account with this company. For the time being, the following conditions must be met:

• Consumers must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and be 18 years or older

• Consumers much be employed and earning $30,000 or more, and have good credit

• Consumers are to pay via fortnightly installments

When applying for Fido, make sure that you have a phone number, an email address, and documents to verify your identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, or a Medicare card.

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