Why Must Parents Boost Goal Setting for Kids?


Kids who are in the elementary school may not realize their full potential unless with the help of their parents. To achieve their full potential it requires the help of parents by boosting their goal setting and close monitoring.

Coming up with ideas

The role played by the parents will help the kid be aware that not everything in life is possible. Take for instance a kid listing his/her demands: ball, bicycle, chopper and a car (prado). Assuming that a kid is coming from a humble background, it’s obvious that they can’t afford a car or a chopper. In this scenario, the parent has a role in explaining to the kid that because of some reasons, they can’t afford the car or the chopper. This will make the kid understand and plan for something that is only achievable in future.


Making choices

Parents will help the kid in making choices. In the context of a bicycle and a ball, the kid will have to choose one between a ball and a bicycle. If he/she opts for a bicycle, then this will enable the kid to appreciate the choices he/she made in respect to the attainment of that goal.

Attainment of a goal is a process

The parent will also make the kid understand that a goal is not achieved in a single day but it is a process which may take substantial amount of time hence it calls for patience. In that context of buying a ball, the kid has to save every coin with the parent being a facilitator i.e. a bank where the kid deposits the money until the time the full amount is raised. It is obvious to the kid that the amount required for the ball cannot be raised at once and it requires time to raise the given amount.

Parenting Advice
Parenting Advice

Idea at home

The role played by the parents will help the kid bring the idea at home. In the same context of the kid saving every coin he/she gets with an intention of buying a ball and in the long run he/she gets it, then the kid will have learned that for something to be achieved then the goals must be set right hence the idea is at home.

Giving encouragement

At some point the attainment of the goal might prove difficult i.e. in raising the full amount required to buy the ball. At this point the role of the parent is very crucial in giving encouragement to the kid like, “I am really happy with the efforts you have made, you are almost there”. This will make the kid see the chances of succeeding being more than the chances of failing.

Kids with Parents
Kids with Parents

Risk taker

Every little effort the kid does should be appreciated even if it results to failure in the long run. This will enable the kid to be a rational risk taker in future. Risk is essential in goal-setting. Essentially, everything about life involves risk taking. In business world, the more risky the goal is, the higher the returns after its success.

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